Every woman is unique inside, and deserves to feel that way.


 My dream is that every woman will listen to her inner voice, and choose the right bag for her. The will to be fashionable can go hand in hand with an esthetic choice that is slightly different in each woman.

Selecting a bag isn’t as important as other choices in life. Yet, we need to have the rich and full variety of choice.  


I believe that technical difficulties are there to encourage us in finding a way to overcome them. Obstacles were always a trigger to raise the limit of fashion & beauty to a higher level. I won’t accept the phrase “it’s impossible” as an answer; therefore, I challenge myself at all times to feel right about it. Sometimes I feel exhausted from the process, though the joy and satisfaction that follows in reaching the solution is worthwhile.


My artistic path came about while attending the “Art Academy Ramat – Hasharon” (1986 –91). Graduate from the department of Painting and Printmaking (scholarship award). The seeds were sowed there by the best Artists. Even today, sometimes I hear in the back of my head, their remarks about my work.


While working as an art guide at the “Tel-Aviv Museum of Arts” and the “Ramat-Gan Museum of Israeli Art”, I learned that Art is one of the spices in our life. An artistic potential is hidden in each one of us. I do encourage people to enjoy it.


I broke a lot of fingernails during the design and making over 300 unique and innovative products for companies, gifts for executives, home products as well as promotional products.  I became strengthened and ready to face the next task ahead.


I was always fascinated by the unlimited possibilities in working with leather. It gives me a tremendous amount of freedom to create and combine different thicknesses, textures, colors, degree of softness and geometric patterns of leather. Making Handbags was a bit frightening for me. After making my first bag I felt as though I graduated from a training period (Finally I felt mature enough to create in leather.  


I believe, that the skills which I perfected, over the years of designing other products, were able to open the door for me, making my dream come true.


I really do believe that I chose what is best for me.

I feel happy for every woman that is flattered by an appropriate bag.